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  • On Tap

    (We are a small batch brewery, beers can go quick and the list can change before the website is updated)
  • On Deck

    DDH Hazy IPA

    Dry Irish Stout



  • Beer to-go

    Blue Monkey beer now in cans

    Availability and selection is limited

    Growler fills available

    Outside fills welcome or purchase a new growler in the taproom

  • Also serving

    Michael Angelo's Wine

  • Now serving bourbon

    Hand picked, limited, rotating selections


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  • Events:

    1/4 One & Done Extra Small Batch Release: Elderberry Blonde Stout

    1/5 Food Truck: Dawg Bowl Cajun Cuisine 5-8:30pm

    1/5 Beer Release: Snowbelt White Ipa, Collab. w/ Fox 8 Meteorologist Alexis Walters

    1/6 Live Music: Little Steve-O 6:30pm

    1/7 Live Music: Rob Samay 6:00pm

    1/11 Music Bingo 7pm

    1/12 One & Done Small Batch Release: Red Velvet Cake Blonde Stout

    1/13 Live Music: Andy Timcho 6:30pm

    1/18 Music Bingo 7pm

    1/20 Live Music: Island Troy 6:30pm

    1/21 Live Music: Gregory Garwood 6:30pm

    1/25 Music Bingo 7pm

    1/27 Live Music: Furious George Hartwig 6:30pm

    1/28 Live Music: Ryan Sowers 6:30pm

    1/28 Food Truck: Barrio Tacos

    2/3 Live Music: Rob Samay 6:30pm

    2/4 The Pierogi Lady 3-7pm

    2/5 Chili Cook-Off (Ticketed Event)

    2/8 Music Bingo 7pm

    2/10 Live Music: Andy Timko 6:30pm

    2/11 Live Music: Matt Skeen 6:30pm

    2/13 Paint & Sip (Ticketed Event)

    2/15 Music Bingo 7pm

    2/17 Live Music: Island Troy 6:30pm

    2/18 Mobius Foods 2-6pm

    2/18 Live Music: Ryan Sowers 6:30pm

    2/21 Paczki & Pints 4-8pm

    2/22 Music Bingo 7pm

    2/22 Food Truck: Empanadas On Wheels

    2/23 Food Truck: Dawg Bowl Cajun Cuisine

    2/24 Live Music: Furious George Hartwig 6:30pm

    2/24 Food Truck: Cravings (Fish Fry)

    2/25 3 Year Anniversary 12-10pm

    2/25 Live Music: Scott Sopata 2-4pm

    2/25 Food Truck: Pink Piggy BBQ 1-4pm

    2/25 Live Music: Greg Garwood 6-9pm

    2/25 Food Truck: Barrio Tacos 5-8pm

    2/28 Paint & Sip (Ticketed Event)


  • Bring Your Own or

    Have Local Food Delivered

    Our brewery is BYOF (bring your own food)! Feel free to bring a snack or order a pizza from a local restaurant while you're hanging in the taproom.

  • Our Story

    Blue Monkey Brewing Co. at 5540 Wallings Rd.

    A family from North Royalton with a passion for beer and the community, came together with the hope of bringing the two together. Growing up in N.R. brothers Ryan and Rick Sacha felt their hometown needed a new spot to get away, spend time with friends and family and of course enjoy delicious beer. A place for the community to enjoy good music, play games, interact with each other or just unwind!! Why not North Royalton's first Brewery?!?!

    A little history...In 1811 the first settlers moved to what would become North Royalton. Knight Sprague and his brother David were among the first settlers here hailing from Royalton, Vt. They offered up the hearty helping of liquor if this new community could be named after their hometown. But Sprague would go on to really earn those naming rights, building the city’s first town hall on the Village Green, today’s City Green, in 1827.

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